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Red Rock by Kimberley Patterson

Red Rock

Rachel Hunter, a high spirited teen, is struggling to take care of her ill mother. Her mother’s illness soon forces the family to sell everything and move to a new town seeking a cure they can’t afford. Along the way they stumble onto a fortune, and in financial desperation they decide to keep it. Upon arrival in Red Rock, Rachel quickly settles into their new life, with her mother finally receiving the care she needs from the town doctor. Rachel even finds herself with two suitors, one that she is very likely falling in love with, and one who annoys and irritates her at every turn. Though there is some guilt associated with the secret of their fortune, Rachel is content, until one night someone throws a rock through the Hunter family’s window, threatening to take back what is theirs. Lies, deceit, and betrayal plague Rachel and her entire family as they struggle to keep their secret, and find out who is behind the devious plan. With every secret comes consequences, and Rachel will soon find out that not everything or everyone is what they seem to be.


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This entry was posted on September 5, 2013 by in Red Rock by Kimberley Patterson.

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